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Ltd “Telemar” was founded in 1999 as an individual enterprise. In 2002 the company obtained a new status and became a limited liability company. Ltd “Telemar” is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of fish products in the Republic of Moldova. It produces and offers a range of semi assorted fish, salads, fish, caviar salads, and specialty smoked fish, salted and packed in vacuum.

Being part of various exhibitions, Telemar products were awarded with the gold and bronze medals. In 2008, the company registered the trademark, which allowed the company to participate at the exhibition “Made in Moldova 2009″ organized by the CCI of Moldova. This action confirmed the growth of the company: Ltd “Telemar” was awarded with the bronze medal and won the Honorary Diploma in the contest “Brand of the Year 2008″ in the “Food” category.

In 2008, the company implemented the Quality Management System and production safety in accordance with the requirements of International Standards ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP, thus obtaining international quality certificate ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP No. 15 No. 15 100 85 953 112 82 78.
Ltd “Telemar” is continuously focused on widening the variety of products, performs researches and elaborates recipes on semi-preservatives production, fish rolls, salted and smoked specialties).

To obtain high-quality products and an excellent quality of taste, the company uses high quality raw materials and natural ingredients. The enterprise strictly complies with executing the stages of processes and requirements and health standards.

All these contribute to the development of the enterprise and allow the company to remain still one of the leading distributors of fish products and a provider of quality products, stable and reliable.